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Posted 03/28/2021 in Livestock

Baby Chicks for sale

Cottonwood, AZ
$2.00 For Sale

Baby chicks for sale in Cottonwood, AZ. Barnyard mixed baby chicks at 2$ a chick. These chicks could be mixed with any of these breeds. These are the breeds we have from standard size to bantam size. We have mainly bantam (mini) chickens for sale. If you want a specific breed/size put an order in we can do selective breeding.

STANDARD SIZE FLOCK: (only 4 of these)
•Jersey giant (white/black)
•Olive Eggers
•Easter Egger

•Buff Brahma
•Old English Game
•Bearded D-Anver

9two8 - 8three0 - Zero4six0

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